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The Demented Z Series


Two zombie books have now been released in The Demented Z series. They can both be found on Amazon and one was just released in paperback form.

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The Demented Book 1

The Demented: Desolation Book 2

This site is dedicated to nonfiction adventure books, however I am going to use a bit of space for this one fiction book...because I wrote it. Below is a description of the book. If you are at all interested in zombies, survival, suspense, and/or thrillers then I highly recommend you give it a chance. It is a Kindle published book and can be purchased for less than 3 bucks on Amazon.

A loving family man is hundreds of miles from home when a pandemic of unimaginable horrors is unleashed on the world. It happens in an instant. Governments are wiped out and cities fall into chaos, every second a struggle to survive. If he ever hopes to see his family alive he will have to overcome hordes of demented, bands of evil gangs, and things beyond his worst nightmares.


For those of you that love to read non-fiction books dealing with adventure, survival, heroism, and exploration, this site is for you. It can often be difficult to find true books in the broad canopy of adventure. Hopefully this site can help you find some that maybe you haven't read yet or narrow down your next purchase if there are a few you are deciding on.

Non-fiction books are the ultimate; many would be great even if they were fiction. Whether it is somebody that survived an unbelievable ordeal or unfortunate tragedy that struck, true adventure books are some of the most exciting reads around.


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